Busy busy bee

So finally, I have a moment to sit down and explain why I’ve been MIA the past few weeks…as the title indeed suggests, I have been super busy the past couple of weeks. Enough that I can barely hear myself think now and it’s a wonder I’m managing to keep up with my own schedule. But hey, I’m finally getting some actual use out of my calendar (both the one in my room and the ones on my phone and tablet)…and the smaller one in my purse, but that’s beside the point…anywho…
I know I’ve mentioned it before a time or two about my college group’s mission trip fundraiser which traditionally consists of taking various Broadway songs and performing them. My freshmen year we even had a Disney montage which took up the entire stage-including the baptistery! We started on one end with I See The Light from Tangled; people dressed in black came from the back of the sanctuary holding the various glowing “lanterns” and moved forward until they were surrounding our Rapunzel and Flynn. 🙂 We also had Can You Feel The Love Tonight, from The Lion King. Then there was A Whole New World in the baptistery (complete with a platform “carpet” and looping night sky scenery on the projector). Briar Rose and Prince Phillip made an appearance as they sang Once Upon A Dream. And they had the ballroom dance scene from Beauty And The Beast while someone sang Tale As Old As Time. And finally, one of the girls sang Kiss The Girl to Prince Eric and Ariel (the girl playing Sebastian did so well, my mom thought she was lip-syncing).
Obviously, I could go on and on about dinner theater. It’s something that I’ve admired for a long time. At first, it was generally meant as like a date night getaway for the parents, but eventually, they let us kids come watch too and it became more like a family thing and anyone could come. I think I got to see the last two years when I was in high school and I remember my senior year being so excited because the next year I was going to be able to participate. And so my freshman year, our theme was Dance And Romance Through The Decades. The next year it was country themed, and so there was more sassy things and a swing dance that I was able to be in with one of my guy friends. The girls got to have fun with Taylor Swift’s You Belong With Me. We had nerds and cheerleaders. You can probably guess which one I was (::hint:: proud nerd, lol). And now this year, we’re doing a movie theme. I’m excited to see what it all looks like when it comes together for dress rehearsal. 🙂
So I’ve been super busy with constant rehearsals going on, not to mention everything else going on right now. And with all of the rehearsing, I was told to ice my knees afterward to help with the pain from an old injury-which is what I’m currently doing as I write this. It seems to be working, so that’s good.
I know the last thing I said on Twitter a few weeks ago was that it had been an emotional, tiring, and busy week. A lot of it had to do with the craziness of dinner theater rehearsals. What was left over had more to do with my Granny passing away…it still doesn’t seem real. And it’s all new to me because this is the first time I’ve ever lost anyone close to me. I know it will be a long process to deal with, but thankfully I have some pretty amazing friends around me right now that even though they don’t say anything about it, they still let me know in their own way that they care about what I’m going through. That alone helps more than they will ever know. Plus, I know that she’s no longer in pain and she’s happy and healthy again. 🙂
I don’t really want to dwell on the sadness a lot, or make this post more about that. But this is what the past few weeks have been like. Mostly the reason for my sudden disappearance has been because of super busy rehearsal schedules and not being able to think straight from that, along with a million and one other things on my mind. Hopefully I can find the time to continue Blogging Fridays this week, but we’ll see. Almost two more weeks til showtime (ahh!). I know after all of this is done, I’ll be free up again to continue Blogging Fridays, but in the meantime, it’s just hard to carve out enough time to focus on blogging. Rest assured though, I haven’t forgotten about it. And I do get sad when I miss even one week. I had hoped to start fresh this year and not miss a Friday. But I still have plenty of time left to make that a habit.
Anywho, so that’s my life for the time being…looking forward to showtime and having my schedule not be quite so chaotic anymore.

     Thinking in circles…

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