Here you can find a list of the various stories featured on my Wattpad, along with a brief synopsis and blurb.

The Little Mermaid: Modernized (Published September 17, 2012)

Errik knows it’s forbidden to love a human. They’re dangerous and unpredictable. Yet, he still goes up to the surface every year – once a year – to watch her. The human girl he’s been watching since he was 15. He knew to wait – it wasn’t time yet. But now it was. She finally reached the age of 18, and he could approach her…maybe. If he could ever get up the courage. But what would happen when he finally decided to speak to her. Would she accept him as he was? Or run away screaming, leaving him heartbroken? Only one way to find out…




Clue: A Modern Tale {On Hold} (Published November 26, 2012)

When six friends go to a murder mystery show, they discover that it’s not so much of a show, and more real than they ever imagined. A fun night has turned into someone’s twisted game.







I Just Want To See My Baby (Published December 24, 2012)

Growing up, Lindsey and Ben were inseparable. Best friends since before they could walk, they did everything together. When both were told the other had cooties, neither ran away. They stuck together through thick and thin. And eventually, Lindsey fell in love with Ben. Right before graduation and Ben moving off to another college. Now, a year later – and still as head over heels for Ben as ever – Lindsey can’t help but wish to see him for Christmas. The only question now is, will Lindsey get her Christmas wish come true?





So Close (Published January 15, 2013)

Riley and Jordan are more than mere friends, they’re practically family. To say that they were best friends and nothing more would be like an insult to them. They knew they were more like brother and sister and always had been. So what happens when the unthinkable happens and suddenly they don’t know what they are to each other anymore?

Author’s Note: This is my scene for the 4th annual No Kiss Blogfest, hosted by Frankie Diane Mallis. It’s a blogfest focused on the tension of wanting a kiss so badly, and then something preventing it from happening at the last possible second.

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It Was You {On Hold} (Published January 7, 2016)

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Author’s Note: This was part of the Just Write It challenge that took place on Wattpad in January. It is my story on firsts.





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