Hello and welcome to my website! I’m excited to share this with you as I continue to tweak it here and there and fine tune everything.

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Latest Blog Post: NaNo Prep 2016

Well, here we are in the final two weeks of crunch time for NaNo Prep and NaNoWriMo! Are you ready yet? Yeah, neither am I.

I’ve been hardcore plotting and in general planning out this project (yet to be named) for the past couple of months, hence the sudden disappearance from blogging, and most social media. This particular project means more to me than anything I’ve worked on before, but I’ll leave the gushing and further information to the dedicated post at the end of the month. [Read more…]

About Liz

img_4321Lizanne Glasgow was born and raised in northern Louisiana. She has been writing since the age of 15, and studied English at the Institute of Children’s Literature. When not writing, she enjoys playing acoustic guitar, singing along with the radio, and trolling Pinterest or Tumblr for yet another writing prompt.