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Where I’ve Been (the past few months)

Where I've Been (the past few months) - LG blog post graphic #50--

I had intended to do this post as my first vlog, buuut that didn’t exactly work out.

I had intended a lot of things for this year. So many plans, and so little of them chipped away.

I’ve been away for a while. Since October, in fact. I had meant to keep up with my usual blogging schedule through November, and it just didn’t happen. My NaNoWriMo got a lot crazier than perhaps I think I had intended (there was a lot of crazed writing in the last few days and I broke my own personal record a couple of times, but more on that later).

And then a lot of things happened all at once. Story of my life, but this time was a little more than just my adult ADHD and procrastination issues. Though there was a little of that. Without going into a lot of detail, I went through a lot of personal stuff all at once and it was a bit overwhelming. So I just sort of stepped back from pretty much all social media for a while until things calmed down a bit.

The down side to that is, as it turns out, it’s really hard to get back into a good social media routine after such a long hiatus. It’s almost like I’ve forgotten how to social media. That can be a verb, right? Sort of? No? Ok.

Well, anyway, things actually calmed down back in about March or April, so I’ve been spending my time since then slowly trying to get back into social media, along with backing up my phone so I could upgrade (it took a lot longer than I thought because my phone was being really dumb. Also I was very particular about the process), and writing what I can.

Some of the social media, of course, includes Pinterest. There are now TWO book boards up on my Pinterest now (and more on the way). Whoohoo!! One is for Clue, and the other is for my July Camp NaNoWriMo project, Call of the Sea (which totally did not get finished in July as I got distracted by said book board…also, I got a new kitten toward the end of the month).

Le book boards:

And speaking of the cuteness, lookatdacutewittlekitteh!!

Meet River!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you may have seen a few stories featuring the little trouble maker. And yes, her name is River, as in Song, or Tam. Either works, but I think more of Song than Tam. I pretty much called dibs on the name a year ago, when I decided I was really ready for a new kitten after losing my precious Kitty the summer before. What’s amusing is that my brother and his wife also have a couple of new cats from the same shelter where I got River. They got a mom and son together and named the boy Cisco (yes, as in the precious cinnamon roll from The Flash), and the mom is, actually…Melody.

Nod your head if you get the reference.

Ok, now since I can’t see your head nodding, let me know you got the reference by leaving a little comment. 😉

Other than that, I’ve also been working on some other goodies that I hope will be ready within the next month or so. I’m trying desperately to figure out how to balance all my social media posts again, along with actual writing, and penciling in some down time as well. Hopefully, since the summer is nearing its end, I’ll be able to be a lot more productive in the coming weeks as fall is my absolute favorite season and it’s when I’m happiest and feel the best.

So that’s mostly it-a bunch of personal stuff, Pinteresting, and then bonding with my new kitten (when she’s not getting into trouble. Seriously…it’s so much trouble).

Now since I’ve been gone for so long, here are a few things coming on my blog:

  • 2016 Goals Wrap-Up (yes, I know, it’s suuuper delayed, but I’m doing it.)
  • 2017 Goals (posting my goals for the year helps keep me more accountable.)
  • Some tag posts like: #WIPRevelations, Beautiful People, #WIPJoy, and more. If anyone knows of some blog tags, please let me know in the comments.
  • Monthly wrap up posts, with updates on how my writing is going, and what I’m currently working on. (Again, this will help keep me accountable as I will be horribly aware that I will have to let you lovely people know just what I’ve been up to each month…so I’d better have something to share.)
  • All about my WIP posts (these will be closer to the finished project, please be patient with me)
  • Book reviews (yes, these are still coming…I know I promised them a couple of years ago now, but they are on the way.)
  • And of course, some NaNo Prep posts coming in October.

I’m also hoping to finally record my first vlog sometime this fall, but I have a short list of some things that need to be done first. I hope the wait will end up being worth it as I am super excited to start vlogging (eventually), and I already have a steadily growing list of some vlogs that I’m looking forward to sharing, so be on the look out for that!

Happy to be back to blogging!


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