Of course you have your carefully cultivated Spotify playlist, your personalized Pinterest boards inspiring characters, scenery and a ton of other things that you may or may not actually need (but we convince ourselves we need them anyway), and your other random resources that are all your own for whatever you need.

But let’s face it: we can always use more resources and in general things that inspire us. It’s part of what keeps that writerly fire lit!

With that being said, I give you what will probably end up being a ridiculously long list – or separated subpages if it gets that long – of all the various resources that I’ve found helpful when I’m not too busy obsessing over all the things.

Keep checking back for more resources as I add on to this page.



Coming soon! I’ve found quite a few reference books that have helped me with either character development, or plot development, and general writing. I’ll be sharing some of those here soon, so keep checking back for that.



Writers Helping Writers (formerly The Bookshelf Muse) has a treasure trove of various thesauri for basically everything. Most are available on their website, but they are gradually releasing books with expanded information, and those lists are being shortened on their website.


NaNoWriMo (or National Novel Writing Month)

NaNoPrep Everything from brainstorming to what to do after you’ve finished your first draft. There’s also a few resources on character building, discipline and writer’s block, strategies, plot and conflict, setting and worldbuilding, and more!

Camp NaNoWriMo Same as above, really. But with a few different links.


These are a few of the accounts and boards that have helped me the most, or am just obsessed over.

 Silvaris Rose has some really good fantasy themed boards, and I love the simple landscape pictures she posts on her Tumblr as well. There are these amazing scenes of real life places that I can never believe are real and not made up. It’s becoming more of a goal to go to more of these places so I can see them for myself. But in the meantime, I’ll settle for using these gorgeous photos for my book boards.
If you write fantasy, or are even brainstorming something, and you want to start making a book board, I would highly suggest checking out her Tumbler and Pinterest pages. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be addicted to the pretty in no time!

A Character Stuck in the Story posts everything from humorous relatable posts to things like the inner workings of a castle. They even have this highly useful graphic on how to title a book. If you’re anything like me, this post is a treasure trove!

All of the Prompts is exactly what it sounds like: a whole lot of prompts. They even have handy quick links so you can jump to whatever kind of prompt you’re looking for.

All the Prompts posts more picture prompts than the above blog.

All Write With You as stated on their blog: “posts two prompts daily”

Amanda on Writing (or Writers Write) posts a lot of great things, one of which includes a monthly list of writing prompts to be downloaded in a handy image that could be saved as your lock screen (something I’ve done a lot this year).

Author Beth Reekles I’ve followed her for several years now, since I discovered her on Wattpad shortly before she got her book deal. She shares a lot of helpful information via her blog on Tumblr.

A Writer’s Inspirations as stated on her blog: “This blog is meant to help you break through that dreaded writers block or point you towards a good book to read.”

A Writer’s Nook has a lot of first sentence and dialogue prompts.

A Writing Prompt a Day seems pretty self explanatory.

Better Writing Prompts has a tagged page for their writing prompts here.

Writer of the Prompts has some fantastic prompts called “kill the cliche” where they twist a common cliche around and make it new again.

 Tumblr Masterposts

Ultimate Writing Resource List

A Writer’s Nook has this amazing masterpost on character ideas, design ideas, naming help, creating background/backstory, and character interactions and putting your character into your world/story.

A Writer’s Nook also has this masterpost of elemental abilities.

All Write With You shares 60 awesome search engines for serious writers


Believe me, I will be adding more to this section between now and November.

Magical Worldbuilder’s Guide Got magic in your fantasy novel? This little guide helps with things from basic world building, magical creatures and magical cataclysms, to the different types of magic and wizards. Even culture building and naming those people/places/things. The resource material at the bottom of the page is pretty good too.

30 days of world building My go to for when I’m starting a new world. It’s set up slightly more for Sci-Fi than Fantasy, but easily adaptable.

Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions Literally every question you would ever want or need in this. It’s got it all-and neatly split up into categories, and subcategories, which makes me even happier.

Inkarnate is a newer source I’ve discovered for creating maps that I’m super excited to begin playing with as I develop my current fantasy project.

All Write With You shares some of their favorite worldbuilding resources and a few more worldbuilding resources and this masterpost of worlbuilding questions