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An Open Letter to My Readers

  My Dear Readers, I had a lot of plans for this year, like a lot. I bought a planner specifically to use as a blogging planner, and I had every other week's blog post planned out for my #WriteChain update posts (it's actually going good). I was even planning on introducing vlogging this year-and… Continue reading An Open Letter to My Readers


Busy busy bee

So finally, I have a moment to sit down and explain why I've been MIA the past few the title indeed suggests, I have been super busy the past couple of weeks. Enough that I can barely hear myself think now and it's a wonder I'm managing to keep up with my own schedule. But… Continue reading Busy busy bee

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The adorableness of a child’s logic…

So the other day, my mom directed my attention to this ridiculously adorable moment on this author's Facebook page that she follows...the conversation went as follows...Breeana Puttroff:My daughter, finder of plot holes at age five: Little Goose: "I'm thinking of putting Lilly in a class where she can learn how to speak." (Lilly is her… Continue reading The adorableness of a child’s logic…