April Camp NaNoWriMo 2015: Week One (And Two)

Since I’m so far behind on blogging, and life refuses to slow down enough for me to catch my breath lately, I thought why not simply combine my weeks one and two posts this month?

So week one went fair; it definitely could have been better, but here are my stats so far.

My week one stats are as follows:
Day One: 611 total word count
Day Two: 105 total word count
Day Three: 586 total word count
Day Four: 389 total word count
Day Five: 0 total word count
Day Six: 0 total word count
Day Seven: 72 total word count

Week One: 1,763 total word count

Well dearies, there you have it. One thing that I love about Camp NaNoWriMo is the flexibility in your goal. Instead of having to do 50k, no questions, you have the option of having your goal be as little as 10k. Since I decided to dive in head first into this plot with little other knowledge than the bare minimum, (including barely knowing my characters), and figuring that out along the way, I decided to half my normal goal and at least give myself a fighting chance with 25k. Thankfully, a 10k Writathon was hosted this past Saturday and another this coming Saturday by Get Wordies. Unfortunately, I was not able to participate this time. But more on that a little later…

So week two went a little downhill; it definitely could have been better, but here are my stats so far.

My week two stats are as follows:
Day Eight: 0 total word count
Day Nine: 155 total word count
Day Ten: 73 total word count
Day Eleven: 0 total word count
Day Twelve: 0 total word count
Day Thirteen: 0 total word count
Day Fourteen: 0 total word count

Week Two: 1,991 total word count

Wow…did you cringe as much as me reading those numbers? *le sigh* This week was unexpectedly crazy and stressful…and…crazy stressful. As well as crazy busy. If not outwardly busy, I seemed to always be mentally busy. Which is what it seems to be most of the time now. Over the past several weeks, my mind has be going 0 to 60 with everything I need to get done. And half of it is writing related. So even when I don’t show as much proof that I am writing, rest assured I am always writing something in my mind, or at the very least doing some ground work for something.
But hopefully this next week will be better and I can get caught up. By now I’m sort of counting on that second 10k Writathon to help me get caught up. I don’t really have any excuses not to finish this time. 25k is a lot easier to manage in a hectic life than 50k.
I did manage in this week to discover a life goal and dream of my main character that was cool. Right now I have no idea where in the story it will be revealed, since I’m pretty much writing all out of order. At this point, I still have no idea what my opening chapters will be, but hey, that’s what editing is for. In any case, I look forward to uncovering more of my characters and figuring out what makes them tick. It should be interesting considering the polar opposites they are…

     Having fun teasing this plot… 😉

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