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With NaNoWriMo fast approaching, and me not exactly having the clearest idea of what I want to write yet, I’ve started looking up basically all the writing prompts I can find to get the wheels greased and going. I’ve already found one list of Sci-Fi prompts that do well in getting me to think outside the box. Or perhaps it’s inside…it is bigger on the inside…(you’re welcome fellow Whovians). I think I would rather have my “writing box” to be more like a TARDIS for that very reason, come to think of it.
One of these days, I’ll eventually make it through my ever growing list of writing prompts. One day. But while I was searching, I came across this picture that said to describe it without using any of the obvious things in it (beach, people, sand, etc). Basically, the same concept for Taboo. Making that connection, it got me thinking, “Of course! Why haven’t I thought of that before?” One good writing exercise is just that-to describe something and forcing oneself to not use any of the obvious words. Use the senses other than sight perhaps, how a place smells, how it makes you feel. I’ll go on ahead and say it right now, that would be a fantastic exercise for me to do. I need more practice doing that.
And then I remembered this long (I’m talking 6 months here) writing exercise I’ve had since last year. I kept telling myself last fall that I would set aside the months starting from the summer, and go until the end of the year and I would complete the exercise. And according to what it says, “be a better writer”. I remember it saying that you (the writer) would hate him for challenging you to do this, but in the end, you would be a better writer. I’m not really sure what or when it happened, but I’ve noticed lately that I am again going through another time in my life when I want to truly be a better writer. One worthy of having my stuff read. I want to be happy with what I write and be perfectly ok-content even-with the idea (and hopefully it would actually happen) of people reading what I write.
Anyway, I think perhaps next week I’ll do my blog post on the six month writing exercise. For now though, I still can’t make up my mind on what I want to do for NaNoWriMo. So from now until the end of this month, if you want to help me decide, I’m including a poll with the three options I keep bouncing between. The first is to do the third re-write of my first novel I started. I am determined to finish it one day and hopefully publish it. I love the story, but it needs serious updating. I shudder when I remember the things 15-yr-old me wrote way back when. But it is the story that made me really want to be a writer for the first time, so it’s special to me. 🙂
The second is to start from scratch on a new story idea that I got in the past couple of months. It’s not very well fleshed out at all, so I would probably end up pantsing through NaNoWriMo. A concept I’m still trying to get used to sometimes.
And the final one is to just work on a bunch of short stories I’ve had promised to post for a long time. If I concentrated on my list of short stories, I think I could potentially get up to ten (length of each one varying) stories done and posted on my Wattpad. Part of me really wants to do this because I feel like I’ve been neglecting y’all by keeping on promising I would post a new story or chapter, and it hasn’t happened yet. And I feel like I would have a sense of accomplishment seeing more short stories ready and waiting to be read.
So. If you want to help me decide what I should do for NaNoWriMo, then let me know! 🙂

What should I work on for NaNoWriMo?

3rd Re-write of Old Novel

Something New

Short Stories

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Well, I think that’s about it for this week. I’m sorry today’s post is so late in the day, today’s been an off day. But the important thing is the post is up now for the second Blogging Friday. Here’s hoping I can manage to keep this consistant with how crazy life is, lol.


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