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Dragonfest is coming!!

I am excited to help announce that after months of planning, the first ever Dragonfest will be held in just a couple of weeks! AHH! So excited! I’ve been planning like a mad….uh….woman over here and I think I have my short all planned out now. I can’t wait to share it with everyone! I’ve started writing it out some, and it’s a bit of a slow process right now, but I want to get everything just right. Between myself, my mom, and a couple of close friends who are also dragon fanatics (hehe), we’ve developed some very interesting things to come. I can’t wait to start on my actual dragon novel, however, I realize that I need to be patient for just a little while longer so I can really develop the lands, languages, and anything else I might need. I need to create a vivid picture of my fantasy world in my mind before I can describe it to anyone else.
Anywho, my Dragonfest short will be posted here as soon as the festivities are underway, which will be September 27th, and 28th. If you’d like to join in, or read all of the entries, you can find it here. But please, feel free to join in on all the fun! Personally, I would love to read more dragon shorts! Or, if you ever want to just nerd out about dragons, that’s cool too, hehe.

     Just another dragon nerd here…

PS: I’m sorry for being so MIA, but hopefully I can get back on a more regular blogging schedule again. I have been hard at work on all things dragons as of late, so hopefully that will make up for some of the MIA-ness.

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