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April Camp NaNoWriMo 2013: Week Four

Ok, so week four could definitely have gone better in the writing area. Unfortunately, there is no “but” to follow that statement. It just could have been better. Brace yourself, this may sting a little…
Here are my stats from week four.

My week four stats are as follows:
Day Twenty-Two: 0 total word count
Day Twenty-Three: 214 total word count
Day Twenty-Four: 0 total word count
Day Twenty-Five: 0 total word count
Day Twenty-Six: 0 total word count
Day Twenty-Seven: 0 total word count
Day Twenty-Eight: 0 total word count
Day Twenty-Nine: 0 total word count
Day Thirty: 0 total word count

Week Four (and total for the month): 10,006 total word count

So yes, my month definitely could have gone better writing wise. However, the final week of April NaNo was not a complete loss. In fact, I think I gained a little more than a loss of a few thousand words. I got to spend more quality time with my amazing boyfriend that whole week. And I know I haven’t mentioned him a whole lot before, but this is a time when I really don’t mind sharing more about him. I mean, if anyone should get to brag on the man, it should be me, right? 😉
Anyway, so the final week in April was what’s known as TWIRP around here, it stands for The Woman Is Required to Pay (and ask, actually). So I of course asked him to be my date for the week, and I gladly paid for the various events. He well knows that I would rather him not spend every penny on me, and I do not mind one bit actually paying for things every now and then. I actually told him that I think it should be a monthly thing from now on to have a TWIRP date, just as a little thank you from me for all that he does for me. He smiled sweetly when I told him this, and didn’t argue, lol.
The week started off with a zombie themed scavenger hunt around the local college campus. It was so much fun, even though I didn’t last very long. He got tagged not long after me, so when we caught up, we just walked around a little. It was a moonlit night, and there was a fountain nearby, so we just sat and talked for a while, which was so nice. Although slightly comical because you could still hear the shrieks in the distance from those who were still in the game being chased by “zombies”.
We decided to skip the next night, which was trivia night, since we both had some work that needed to be done. This is where I got in those 214 words, and finally got out of the second chapter, and into the third. It’s going ok now, I just need to pick up the pace a little more.
Since we skipped trivia night, I decided to take him to Portico for burger night. I swear, they have like the best burgers there! Afterward, we went back to his family’s house to watch Psych with his younger brother. It’s kind of become a semi-regular thing with all three of us to watch it together. 🙂
The next night was the dance, which was probably the highlight of both of our weeks. I’d never slow danced before, and I’m glad I got to share that with him. I think we slow danced about four different times the whole night, and it was just..great. Actually, that’s kind of an understatement, but I’m not really sure what word to use here. It was definitely more than great though. And we survived the night without stepping on each others toes too! lol.
The final night of the week, was dinner and a movie night. I was a bit giddy this night because there was a specific place in town that he’d been wanting to go to for weeks on a date, and we just hadn’t made it yet. So I started plotting that if we didn’t make it before TWIRP week, I was going to take him myself. Bonus point? Pretty much his favorite place in town! I think he was a tiny bit thrilled when he realized where I was taking him, as I kept it a complete surprise. We managed to sit for a while, and take our time before we had to leave for the movie, which I had forgotten was a double feature. We sat and enjoyed The Princess Bride, which is fastly becoming one of his favorite movies. It is a pretty great movie though, easily in my top 5, and so quotable too! The second movie was Back to The Future, although it was getting late and we weren’t able to stay and watch.
Nonetheless, the week ended well. I’m glad I had the week to spend with him. It’s nice to be able to slow down and just have fun for a while…get away from the stresses of school and such.
Anywho, I’m sorry this is so beyond delayed…but I do have quite a few drafts I’m working on to be posted in the next couple of weeks, as well as a few for July. Here’s hoping I can pick up the blogging and noveling pace. 🙂


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