Decisions, decisions…

Ever since I started daydreaming about becoming a published writer, I always envisioned being signed with a publishing house, and (hopefully) being mentioned in the New York Times Bestsellers list at least once. But now that seems to be changing slightly. I’m starting to really consider self publishing at least my first novel. And who knows? Maybe I’ll get picked up by someone after then. The idea of self publishing is still very new, and only slightly intimidating to me. But I do have a couple of pretty great people I know who have helped me out.
One being Sir Andrew Gaeta, my newest writer friend I met through NaNoWriMo 2012. See, he’s already been self published twice (see his novels here), and is currently working on getting a third published, if I’m not mistaken. Haha, seems like he’s always writing, which is good. He’s sort of given me the kick in the pants I needed to quit ho-humming around and finish my projects already.
Of course, my amazing and ever so supportive boyfriend is a huge help too. He’s easily my biggest fan, and I love that he’s always so enthusiastic about my writing. It’s a little bit funny though when I hint about something I’m planning for later in my novel, but won’t share it with him. Unfortunately, he doesn’t always get special treatment. 😉 He does get to read my works eventually, but I also want him to get the full effect with twists and turns and whatnot. Haha, he’s rather impatient right now to read The Unknown as I write it next month. I assured him that he will get to read it as soon as I’m done editing it-I don’t let anyone, not even my mom or best friend to see my rough drafts. He’s also a writer, and a fantastic one at that! I look forward to the day when I get to share his debut novel with all of you. 🙂 I’m definitely the proud girlfriend there.
In my debates with myself on self-publishing, I created a couple of accounts to play with and I am having so much fun with it! I’m getting even more excited about finishing my first novel next month and getting that much closer to publishing it. I can’t wait to share my stories with you. 🙂


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