Happy New Year

So I wanted to start this year off by wishing everyone a happy new year. And I hope y’all have just wonderfully fantastic years ahead of you!
I am going to do my absolute best to do better this year on my writing. I can tell in just the past month or two that my writing style has definitely improved. I feel like more of a writer now.
On the note of doing more writing this year, I’d like to share a little heads up on what to expect in the weeks to come.
First of all, there’s still Clue: A Modern Tale that I’m working on. The plot summary is simply that when six friends go to a murder mystery show, they discover that it’s not so much of a show, and more real than they ever imagined. A fun night has turned into someone’s twisted game. I’m really excited about this story. Be watching my Wattpad or Booksie page for updates!
Other than that, there are around four short stories that I’m working on, if not more. Among them are Curiosity, The Candle, and The Missing Clue. There are others, but they have yet to be titled. I have a rough schedule planned for getting three projects hopefully tackled and posted. I’m focusing more on Clue first-after, of course, my No Kiss Blogfest scene is posted. After the next chapter of Clue is up, I’ll be working on the previously mentioned short stories a bit and try to get one or two finished, then go back to Clue for another chapter. And somewhere among the craziness, try to finish my NaNoWriMo novel, 3,000 Miles Away. Because as I’ve said before, I have three friends who will never let me forget it if I don’t finish it, haha.
So, that’s the crazy year I have ahead of me. But I’m so looking forward to it! And besides, being a bit crazy sort of comes with the territory of being a writer. Not that I mind, of course. 😉
Check back later today for my No Kiss Blogfest scene! I hope y’all like it!


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