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And the madness continues…

So I posted recently about my crazy busy schedule. It’s lightened only slightly since then, the reason being that I finally managed to finish and post my Christmas short story. However, I have so many projects I’m trying to finish that my load is lightened only the tiniest bit.
I’ve come to the conclusion that what I probably need is some sort of schedule for writing. And I think I may have come up with something that just might work. It’s not so much of a schedule, as it is just simply setting my priorities. And what I’ve come up with as far as that goes is this:

  1. Start working on more chapters for Clue, as per request of one certain reader.
  2. Work on a couple of short stories, in hopes to get them closer to being ready to be posted.
  3. Get back to work on my NaNoWriMo novel so I can hopefully at some point reach that 50k mark.
So this is what my writing life will consist of in the next few weeks. With the exception of the No Kiss Blogfest, but I’ll elaborate more on that later. I look forward to writing a little more on Clue as well!
And although the excitement had died down for my NaNoWriMo novel, 3,000 Miles Away, I’m beginning to get re-excited about it again. Hopefully sometime soon I can get some actual work done on it and get that much closer to my first 50k novel! 🙂

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