Contemplating Camp NaNoWriMo

Call me crazy (though it wouldn’t be the first time, and I’d consider it a compliment), but I’m actually seriously considering doing both Camp NaNoWriMo’s next year. If you are less familiar with Camp NaNoWriMo, allow me to enlighten you for a brief moment. Camp NaNoWriMo is pretty much exactly like November’s NaNoWriMo…except for the fact that it’s camp, and it’s typically in the summer instead of November. And there’s two of them nearly back-to-back. And I’m seriously considering tackling both next year. It’s going to be in April and July this year, so I would at least have a two month break in between the madness. Two months to first relax, then plan all over again for the next camp session.
Here’s my thing: I’m thinking I need to do this so I can to give myself a kick in the pants so I can finally finish my main project, and its’ sequel. I mean, I’ve been writing on my main project since 15…it’s what inspired me to really pursue this writing thing. So I kinda think I own it to myself and to my novel-in-progress to finish it, and yes, to one day publish it. I haven’t decided yet if I want to make my debut with this novel, but it’s at least in the top three of my picks to debut with. And I’m not sure yet how exactly the debut process works, but I’m really hoping I get a say in that. (Which, I’m pretty sure I do…) Then again, I know that also depends on what’s popular at the time.
Anyway though, my point is that I’m actually really considering doing both Camp NaNoWriMo’s next year. Of course, I do have to take into consideration what’s left of my sanity. Then again…I have already been promised cookies if I successfully pull off both Camp NaNoWriMo’s. I have to say, that’s a pretty tempting offer. I wonder what might happen if I complete the first Camp session, and maybe…halfway complete the second? In any case, I’m feeling like this will be fun, and I’m not going to make a prediction that I will finish. But I will try my very best to finish this time. (Although I do have a good feeling I might actually finish this time…)

     Continuing the madness…

*Note: I blame procrastination issues for not posting this sooner…I’m sorry.

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