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A Burst of Genius!

Ok, so I’m a bit OCD on posting my drafts in order, but right now, I’ll forgive myself. The side project (Clue: A Modern Tale) book I’ve been brainstorming over for the past few months looks like it might see the light of day really, really soon! As in, by the end of the day! What was originally the prologue, I changed to the first chapter. I knew what I wanted to do for the new prologue, I just needed to think of a great first line. I’ve started being more hard on myself about writing a first line that immediately grabs the reader’s attention and immerses them into the story. I think this one does just that, and keeps attention for the remainder of the prologue. It’s only a paragraph long, but some of my better work, I believe.
Anyway, I just had to let some of the excitement out before I go to bed (yes, just now going to bed. Night owl here, remember?). I’m excited to share the prologue with you later today! It will be posted on my Wattpad and Booksie accounts. Look for my next post sharing the links!


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